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Students sit in pairs and after a sort ‘test’ mark each other’s
work. Questioning why and how answers are arrived at. One of the pairs moves on to someone different for another short test.

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Speed Dating 

The steps

  • Students sit opposite each other in pairs.

  • Each pair will have 2 sets of questions around the same topic that they work on individually

  • The pairs swap work with each other and mark.

  • No mark scheme is supplied.

  • If a student thinks an answer is wrong, or don’t know how to work it 
    out, they question their partner (How? or Why? they got that

  • If neither of the pair know the answer, the teacher should get 
    another pair to explain it to them.

  • One of each pair now move to a new person and the process is repeated with 2 new sets of questions.

Top tips - The questions should be meaningful, but not too long, so movement
takes place. This changes the class dynamic and encourages
students to work with different peers.
A bell, whistle, buzzer etc could be used to signify when to move

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