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Assessment & Learning Checks

Sophie's 'Nobody's Perfect'

Embedding Mistakes

in your Lessons

Sophie De'Ath

Digital Innovation


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Jack's 'Digital Portfolio'

Digital Summative Assessments 

Jack Edwards 

Digital Learning 


Jack E _2x.png

Peter's 'Tarsia Puzzle' 

Formative Assessment Puzzle 

Peter Engstrom

Lecturer in Construction

Design Management  

Peter E_2x.png

Alison's 'Assessment Classroom' 

Using Google

Classroom to Assess

Alison Fordham 

Lecturer in Childcare 

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Video Feedback and Demos

Katie Morgan

CTL Digital &

Production Arts

Katie M_2x.png

Chef Michael's
'Magic Marker' 

Information Recall Activity 

Michael Frederick

CM Food Studies 

Chef Michael _2x.png

Peer Feedback Activity 

Sarah Pagram 

Lecturer in Initial

Teacher Training &

T&L Champion

Sarah's 'Medal and Mission' 

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