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Using a PowerPoint presentation, students answer
questions which slowly reveal pictures beneath that are a cryptic answer
to a book or film.

Asset 10_2x.png

 The steps

  • The PowerPoint template has general English questions but these can easily be changed with relevant topics to your area.


  • There are 4 already set up and one with just the cryptic clue so you can increase or decrease the number of questions if you want.


  • I get students to roll a 9 sided dice to determine which question they have to answer. When answered correctly click on the question and it will disappear revealing part of the clue.


  • If a student / team guess the film before all the questions are finished I give out bonus marks for answering the remaining questions.

Top tips -  The films underneath could be substituted for anything related to
your topic.
The answers are: Game of Thrones, 22 Jump Street, Lord of the
Rings, Kick Ass and Blade Runner

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