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Evaluation Cards 

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Tool to assist learners in vocalising their evaluations and process their answers prior to writing a formal evaluation.


The steps

  •  Prepare Q-cards with 8-10 questions targeted against criteria


  • Pair learners up appropriate to group profile.

  • Teacher explains activity to learners - Giving each pair ‘Learner A’ and          ‘Learner B’.

  • Give each Q Card a 4 minute window - broken up into two parts.

  • First 2 minutes learner A asks the first question, learner B then answers while learner A records their answer directly on the Q card.

  • Second 2 minutes, flip the process with same question to Learner B.

  • Repeat this until all Q cards have a recorded answer.

  • Learner A and Learner B then swap card packs back, now holding their own answers.

  • Learners then use this to compose their formal evaluations, making it easier to digest as they have already answered the questions.  

Top tips -  Use a stopwatch/countdown timer with an alarm so learners are aware of the time frame and keep track. Use a different colour card for each question. 

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