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Students are given a handout with no headings or
subheadings, but with space for these. These can be Paragraphs,
Diagrams, Quotes, Pictures etc.
Coupled with the reverse, just a heading and they supply the paragraph,
diagram etc, can be a really powerful way of applying their learning.

The steps

  • Students read the handout and decide headings that summarise what follows in that section of text in the form of a statement or heading.

  • You can adapt an existing handout by removing existing headings, or create your own.

  • You can do this activity the other way round, that is provide the headings and ask students to either supply the answer or research it then write a paragraph / diagram. This is a good way of structuring independent learning.

Top tips - To lighten a heavy topic I have asked students to provide one of the
headlines in the style of The Sun newspaper

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