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Do you have something to try?

Question 1

Is this a new project or are you adding to your existing project? 

This is great news!
We are looking forward to working with you.

To help us build the best documentation of your ARC project we need you to upload info and evidence along the way. This does not need to be time consuming, ultimately you run the project and we do all the building work for you. You will also be offered a member of the team to support with the project.

New Project
3 Questions

What are you intending to try?

Why focus on this?

How are you going to implement this?

How will you measure its impact?

Please download and complete the Trial document.
You will be asked to upload you Trial document along with any other supporting documents in the next section.

What next?

Thank you for uploading your project details.

We will create an ARC milestones for your project and alocate a Learning champion to support with the process. We will upload materials at 4 points throughout the academic year. See dates below.

Now it is time for you to trial your ideas.

Use this webspace to support you and guide you throughout the project. 

What next
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