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Removing Limitations 

ARC Project

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Who are involved in the project?

Number of learners?
Level of learners ?
Age range of learners?
How many lecturers are involved?
Any info that you feel would be useful for others to know.

What happened?

This report is based on results of removing limitations, setting higher goals and directing learners to become self-directed learners. All the results are based on weekly examinations – individual written exams, group work and observation - as well as student interviews and recordings.

Removing limitations will argue that perhaps we should be considering Maslow’s hierarchy of needs from “self-actualization” stage - the peak - moving down, as opposed to moving from “physiological” stage, upwards.

Barriers along the way

There were no barriers, only belief, for it is in the strength of your belief that barriers can be removed totally and this starts with the teacher.

Staff feedback

Staff (Clare): It has had a huge impact on Entry Level 3 students’ English. 

Learner feedback:


Student feedback (1): After doing L3 A&P, I know that I am a miracle. I am able to do anything I focus on.


Student feedback (2): At first I was very afraid of doing entry level 3 because of my English level.  Now that I have completed level 3 anatomy, I feel more confident. Now I want to be a doctor and I know that I will be.


Student feedback (3):  It was a hard course but I did it and learnt a level 3 subject.  I can do everything.


Student feedback (4): I feel happy because I can do a level 3 course. My English is better because I did it.


Student feedback (5): I know I can do a level 3 now because I did a hard subject at level 3 and passed all my exams.

What was the impact on Teaching, Learning & Assessment?

The focus was on the learners.  This project was about inverting Maslow – learner self-actualization.  Students were given a chance to choose what topic to study next. This allowed learners to learn a topic before teaching took place in the class.


Learners were assessed on weekly basis which meant that they learnt the culture of learning and spending time to study before coming to classes.  This further prepared learners for the lesson – thus eliminating for too much teacher talk time. Discussion about a topic occurred more than the actual teaching – obviously, certain topics needed more teacher input but that only happened as a result of students asking questions about something they had not understood.  This made teaching and learning more relevant for the students. (Students study, learn, and then ask questions about it – this is called active learning.)

What is the evidence for this?


The report contains all the necessary data, together with evidence of exams and learner results.  It was a shame they could not achieve a certificate for completing their level 3 Anatomy and Physiology course.


The report includes charts and analyses data.  An interesting read.

Click the icon to download: 
Removing Limitations - 
Inverting Maslow 

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