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Classroom Management

ARC Project


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Who are involved in the project?

Number of learners?                                         40
Level of learners?                                             Entry Leve 2 & Entry Level 3
Age range of learners?                                     16 – 25 years old
How many lecturers are involved?                    2

What happened?

‘Back to Basics’ is a simple, effective process of setting learners clear guidelines of what is expected and required of them in the classroom.  It has worked extremely well and when embedded at each lesson produces good results. Good classroom management is a basic foundation of expanding the learners experience


Barriers along the way

All learners respond differently but once they know that this is what is expected of them in each lesson, it does not meet with any resistance



Students work well when clear guidelines are set out for them,  Other staff members have commented on the difference in the behaviour of our groups compared to others; i.e. they are polite, well-mannered and orderly.


What was the impact on Teaching, Learning & Assessment?

Students are more attentive when settled quickly into the classroom/work setting and can carry on with their learning unobstructed by trivial things such as ‘Oh I haven’t got a pen/lost my ID’ talking etc.

What is the evidence for this?

At the start of the academic year some of the learners new to this regime found it a bit of a shock and took a while to realise that the lesson would not commence until the rules had been followed.  Silence is maintained until the students respond accordingly. Once this was realised, students accepted that this is the protocol expected at the beginning and end of lesson and work unimpeded by trivial interruptions from other students.

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