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TLA Week 

ARC Project



Who are involved in the project?

Curriculum staff
Age range of learners? Mixed
How many lecturers are involved? 96

What happened?

We ran a TLA (Teaching, Learning and Assessment ) week from 1st of April - 4th April. All staff were invited to various events throughout the week. Teachmeet sessions took place each lunchtime during that week with lunch and snacks provided. Staff were encouraged to drop in and drop out as they pleased. All had the opportunity to share their own practice, with some choosing to observe only. Over the 4 days, we had 96 Staff attend at least one teachmeet session and a number of staff attended multiple times.

To ensure each session had staff willing to share practice we invited specific teams and individuals to present. In the event of low attendance, teams could still benefit from sharing with each other. 


Attendance was varied each day with those in attendance staying for most of the session. A small number of staff attended for a brief number of presentations and then had to leave.

TL Week Desktop 2.jpg

Barriers along the way

Initially it was hard to gain buy in from staff as there was reluctance to attend training during their lunch hour. This seemed to get easier as the week progressed.
Emails were sent daily to all staff but not all managed to see this so some staff were unaware of the sessions.

Staff feedback

Lecturer Rush green Campus-

“Although I only got to look in once I could really see the value of what you were doing. 

My week didn’t really allow me to get in there. 

More of the same or different please. “

What was the impact on Teaching, Learning & Assessment?

96 Curriculum staff attended across the week

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