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Preparing For Progression 

ARC Project



Who are involved in the project?

Number of learners? 48
Level of learners? Lv2
Age range of learners? 16 - 40
How many lecturers are involved? 3


What happened?

7 activities were fabricated to help prepare and expose progressing candidates for Lv3 requirements.  These were envisaged to help potential candidates evaluate their current skills, skills to be developed, and realistically evaluate their desire to work on this voyage OR plan a new, more, attractive route.

Generally, candidate feedback was positive.  This could be categorized in terms of:

  • Range of exercises gave a clear indication of knowledge needed, skills required (or needed to be developed) and recognized sources to be sourced to be familiar with.

  • Exercises were generally seen as engaging and meaningful in terms of the ‘world of work’.

  • Activities utilized and stretched a multitude ‘work ready’ skills – Communication (graphical and written), research - referenced text and ICT, Maths – scales, conversions, transposition.

  • Tasks which combined both individual and team activities, as would be encountered in an ‘average day onsite’.

Barriers along the way

Access to resources, for elements such as research and evidence presentation (Manufacturers printouts/data sheet to help justify selections made) – VERY limited access to PCs, Printers and reliable WiFi.


How to productively engage those who early in the development period decided this isn’t what they wanted to do, didn’t currently have the skills required, and were reluctant to develop such, AND how to push forward those who were generally happy to take a ‘backseat’ and let others do the ‘heavy lifting’.


Mostly positive and productive.  Some candidate acknowledged they need to do more if they wished to keep their current ‘goals and objectives’, others seem to relish the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills developed/acquired to date in ‘real world’ activities and possible even refine their long term objectives with the help of H.E.

However, a small number came to the conclusion that their development requirements were not compatible with their desire; and would be seeking advice and opinion for future studies/work goals.

What was the impact on Teaching, Learning & Assessment?


  • To help prospective progression candidates and staff find, use and refine information effectively.

  • To appreciate online information is rapidly changing and increasing with few quality controls; it is even more important to teach how to access, critically evaluate, and appropriately utilize  critical information.

  • To provide access to a wide variety of resources and experiences —print, digital, individual & peer interaction that support curriculum and personal growth, inspire the imagination, expand our ‘real world’ view.

  • To help students develop competency in and joy of researching and expand their view from valid sources in order to better prepare themselves for ‘the world of work’, and life in general.

What is the evidence for this?

Starting points were staggered for the 3 FT groups, however, most of the cohorts are near completion and are seriously considering (reflecting on) their short term goals in light of these experiences.
Aside from anecdotal, evaluative evidence from this should be harvested from:
Progression data
Lv3 enrolments
Student satisfaction survey 2019/20   I.A.G.
Alternate pathway chosen #04 Approx 08%


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