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Online Assessment - Turnitin 

ARC Project



Who are involved in the project?

Number of learners? 2 per tutor
Level of learners ?2 and 3
Age range of learners? 19+
How many lecturers are involved? 6
Any info that you feel would be useful for others to know.

What happened?

As we are running some blended programs that have 100% online submissions, a standardized approach to digital marking is our aim. 

A meeting was arranged with the lecturers involved. We discussed how to mark using turnitin and other ways of marking electronically using MS Word. We agreed that each lecturer would mark 2 pieces of work using turnitin. Google forms (see below) have been created for the learners to feedback on how they found receiving their feedback using turnitin and for the lecturers to give feedback on how they found turnitin for the use of marking.

Barriers along the way

The concern of the learners not including bibliography on turnitin and thus preventing being able to see the full assignment. 

Time constraint of getting an appropriate unit and time to use digital marking.

No online header sheet to complete on the turnitin system. grading feedback would have to be incorporated in the turnitin comments. 

Staff feedback

Staff have been given until June 5th to share results in a meeting. Data from Google forms will be presented.

Learner feedback

Learners have already stated that they enjoy the ability to get feedback instantly through the use of turnitin as they can see the feedback as soon as it has been edited. 

However, the platform of MS words allows for a better structure of giving grading feedback. Also MS Word allows the assessor to see the font, spacing and academic format more clearly than the turnitin platform. We have discussed sharing the MS Word document with the learners so that feedback can be viewed instantly in the same way it can on Turnitin.

What was the impact on Teaching, Learning & Assessment?

From the initial meeting we hope to have a standardized approach towards digital marking.

In this process will have already been able to make decisions towards the process of IV towards digital marking and will put in place a clearer indication to learners about the grading received being provisional and subject to internal verification and final moderation by the awarding body. Going forward we will have a uniform practice for marking using a digital platform

What is the evidence for this?

Starting point. Two lecturers have used turnitin to mark in the past, two lectures have used MS word for digital marking.  

Awaiting results from google forms. A meeting will be arranged for June /July to decide an approach for the next year. 

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