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Catch-up Workshops 

ARC Project


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Who are involved in the project?

Number of learners? 10-25
Level of learners?1-3
Age range of learners?16+
How many lecturers are involved?2/3


What happened?

The team run a number of workshops and catch up sessions for the learners to attend during the Half term and Easter holidays.

The learners are aware of the workshops to help them stay on track with their work. Lecturers are there to host workshops to go over subjects that the learners need assisting. 1-2-1’s sessions are also held to track their performance.

Our course is unique with the nature of our programme, the learners participate in hikes, outdoor expeditions, community projects they need extra time to stay on track of their course.

Barriers along the way

Yes, not all the learners attend, some were away on holiday, or didn’t want to attend. The times were flexible to accommodate the learners: drop in times from 10am-3pm.

What could be done to improve this (if anything)

To promote the sessions throughout the year. Move awareness of these sessions

Staff feedback

The learners that attended had time to sit with the team to discuss their work to help them get on track.

The workshop helped the learners that attended.
 This reflected in their grades. Less resubmitted work.


What was the impact on Teaching, Learning & Assessment?

More learners passed within the deadline 85% And were consistent. The learners could approach the team and address any issues that were barriers to their learning.


What is the evidence for this?

We are now at the end of the year.

There are more students are on track to complete by the college end date, which is an improvement. Exact numbers will be collected for next year project.

What would you do differently if you were to run it again?

More promotion of the session throughout the year. However, we do not want to use the session as extra time for all of the assignments. It’s for those students who are generally struggling with the deadlines and need assistance to be on track.

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