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Activity Overview:

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Fundamental Tutorials:

How To Create A Google Form

How to create a google form .png

How To Create A Quizizz

How to create a quizizz .png

How To Use the BLC

how to use the blc .png

How To Use Zoom 

How to use zoom .png

How To Create A Kahoot

how to create a kahoot .png

Advanced Tutorials:

How To Use Padlet

how to use padlet .png

How To Create a Google Site

How to create a google site .png

How To Add a Task on Century Tech

how to add a task on century tech .png

How To Make Presentations Interactive

slido thumbnail.jpg

How To Collaborate on Nearpod

nearpod thumbnail_edited.jpg

How To Create a Flipped Activity

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How to Use Flipgrid

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Expert Tutorials:

How To Create Individual Assignments 

how to create individual assignment .png
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